About the Team


Cory Gould | President

Cory founded Plexus Technology in 2006 after spending time as an IT Technician for another organization. His ambition and knowledge provided him with the opportunity to build a business that creates lasting business to client relationships. Cory’s awareness and understanding of network/server infrastructure and business IT support is second to none. His outgoing nature ensures that every Plexus client gets a personal response and quick turnaround when an issue arises. Cory’s commitment to Plexus and its clients is like none other, he consistently goes above and beyond for each of our clients. Cory was raised in Texas and Colorado before settling in Arizona in 2002. He and his wife, Victoria, have three children and reside in Gilbert, AZ. Though residing in Arizona, Cory is still a huge Denver Broncos fan.


Chris Grasso | Managing Technical Engineer

Chris holds a Master of Science in Design from Arizona State University and a BFA in Industrial Design from Rochester Institute of Technology. He has a passion for both design and emerging technology. Chris has been with Plexus Technology since 2012, and is a rich asset to all of our clients. His ability to quickly find resolutions helps our clients to trust they will not have lost uptime. Our clients our constantly praising Chris for his professionalism, candor and sense of urgency on their behalf. Chris grew up in New York and lived in Arizona for 10 years. He and his wife, Jessica, have three children and reside in Buffalo, NY, where he is an avid Buffalo sports fan.


Victoria Gould | Communications & Talent Director

Victoria brings 15 years of experience in development and communications which enables a strong business client rapport and relationship. She bridges gaps our clients don’t even know they have and ensures the Plexus team communicates thoroughly to go the extra mile. Victoria’s ability to connect allows our clients to feel like family and ensures that each client gets a personal touch. She pays great attention to detail with minimal effort and provides a harmonic balance to our team. Victoria grew up in Florida and has been residing in Arizona since 2006. Though she and Cory are married, and he’s the boss at work, she remains the boss at home.


Jeremy Voorhees | Technical Engineer

Jeremy achieved his M.S. in Cyber Security from Western Governors University and his B.A. in Education. Jeremy's wide technical background assists him in his love of troubleshooting, Google helps too. Jeremy has multiple technical certifications, including becoming Certified as an Ethical Hacker. His background and insight enhances the Plexus Team. Jeremy is originally from Utah, he has resided in Arizona for the last 10 years with his wife, Jennifer, and three children.


Monica Gonzalez | Administrative Assistant

Monica has a background in Clinical/Organizational Psychology and Jazz Performing Arts. She craves learning about technology, fine arts, and languages. As part of her psychology background, Monica teaches mental and emotional support classes to people who suffer from chemical addiction. She is originally from Puerto Rico and has now resided in Arizona for 5 years. Monica enjoys music, jewelry making, reading and the outdoors.