Who We Are

Plexus Technology Solutions is comprised of technology consultants that build and maintain security for organizations with applications of knowledge and understanding of business needs. With a specialty in Non-Profit organizations, we understand that no two entities are the same. At Plexus we collaborate and advise based on each Non-Profit’s particular focus. Our unique team of technicians each specialize in a separate technical aspect, so that, our clients get a multifaceted team of experts. In partnership with you, we provide education, solutions, and implementation of strategies to secure a vast and diverse employee network. Knowing that our clients are striving for excellence, and to excel in the communities they serve they must have an excellent technology team backing them, which is why we guarantee rapid response times and communication. Our role as the IT provider for Non-Profit organizations is to provide best-in-class service, convenience and to foresee the challenges ahead and eliminate them before they ever become an issue. Just as the role of Non-Profits in their communities is ever evolving so is technology. We take the technology changes and stress off the table, so you can focus on your organization’s mission.