Who We Are

Who We Are


For over 17 years, Plexus Technology continues to deliver trustworthy IT support and computer network consulting to businesses in the greater Phoenix area. We specialize in IT consulting, managing technology services, and providing telephony solutions. Plexus Technology maintains 35+ years of IT expertise and working knowledge. Our team of dedicated and experienced technicians gives clients the confidence to trust their technology will not fail them. We pride ourselves on a prompt response and turn-around time, we are persistent in ensuring our clients see no downtime, and we wholly appreciate what it takes to make a business successful.

To help you better understand who we are, let’s start by dissecting our name, Plexus Technology. The word plexus means an interwoven combination of parts or elements in a structure or system. In medical terms, the plexus is a network of nerves. Then we have the word technology, which in itself has many meanings. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines technology in three ways:

1. The practical application of knowledge, especially in a particular area.

2. A manner of accomplishing a task, especially using technical processes, methods, or knowledge.

3. The specialized aspects of a particular field of endeavor.

We embody our name in its entirety. We approach an organization’s IT with a preventative health approach to secure the network intricacies that build the unique system to serve its organization. Our strategy for technology solutions comes with transparency, commitment, and reliability, which sets us apart.