7 Big Reasons Why Over 50 Organizations in Maricopa County Choose Plexus Technology for Support


98% or Higher Customer Satisfaction. Our YTD CSAT (customer satisfaction) score is 100%, we GUARANTEE your organization’s satisfaction to 98% or higher for the calendar year, or your renewal rate will decrease by 50%.


High Season Availability. Each industry has a high season, and we GUARANTEE support to be available during these extraordinary times of need. We know timing is crucial, whether it’s grant season or tax season. So we make your technology operate for you the way you NEED it in those critical times.


Security You Can Trust. Non-profit organizations rely heavily on donors, and financial services manage real money and sensitive data daily. Our proactive security infrastructure means that your organization, donors, and clients’ financial details are always protected.


Over Two Decades of Experience.  We maintain over TWO DECADES of working with non-profit and financial service technologies, which means we are not learning on your time. Instead, we have solutions from the beginning. We understand the unique software, deadlines, and mission needed to complete the job.


Technology Experts. We hold expertise dealing with many non-profit and financial software. We know the intricacies of technology that benefit these industries, specifically.
For example, we understand downtime burns valuable time and money, which cannot happen!


We May Speak Tech, but We KNOW People. We appreciate that every organization has a mission that supports their focused industry and customer. We align your technology with your company mission so that you can perform at your best.
We bring innovation and solutions to the table that your team, donors, and clients would be proud of.


Local Support. We live, play, and work in Maricopa County.
We understand how important it is to have local support at a moment’s notice. Whether resolving the issue remotely within minutes or deploying a technician on-site, your organization will have a local Maricopa County resident available for immediate need.