Accounting & Financial IT Services

accounting and financial IT services

Since 2006, we have continued to serve the accounting and financial service industry by providing comprehensive and continuous care for their IT systems. The accounting and financial service industry is packed with deadlines, and we at Plexus Technology understand the importance of having reliability and continuity during those pressing seasons. From bookkeepers to certified financial planners, your business relies on technology. The financial service industry and accountants have been at the forefront of technology. Someone with a complete understanding of history can draw a line from the abacus to modern computers and financial software without difficulty. In partnership with our accounting and financial service clients, we take security, consistency, and stability to a heightened level to ensure the best outcomes and IT services for our clients.

What The Industry Says About Us

IT Service Resolutions with Little Downtime

Our business cannot run without our network and entire IT environment running smoothly and consistently. If we run into any network or hardware issues, Plexus quickly diagnoses and resolves the problem with minimal downtime. Notably, Plexus Technology has the most knowledgeable and professional staff of any IT service team we have ever worked with. Our firm would not have been able to accommodate the amount of client and staff growth without the support of the team at Plexus. We maintain the peace of mind of knowing Plexus has our back and keeps us in business!

Plexus is the Team You Want

The major benefit to Plexus Technology providing managed services for us is the streamlining of my IT platform and making it more efficient. The Plexus team has excellent response times, they are extremely professional and their knowledge and competence beat out other IT firms I’ve worked with in the past. All I can say is, Plexus Technology is the team you want in your corner!

They Understand Business, and Want You to Succeed!

Plexus Technology is very quick and provides immediate response times in addressing and fixing technical issues. In the financial world, system outages can quite literally cost us money. Plexus physically deploys a technician to fix complicated issues in person. While it may not be possible in other markets to have a physical presence, it’s a huge relief to know when things ‘hit the fan,’ someone from Plexus Technology will be out to fix the problem. Just knowing you have the right support team is essential to running a strong business. Plexus understands how technical issues impact day to day capabilities. They want your business to succeed as much as their own. When dealing with technology, issues will occur. The level of service we receive from Plexus Technology really feels like they are part of our business, not just another service provider.